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About Us

About us

Who we are

GrowthFn is a leading recruitment agency with expertise in finding top talent for IT companies with various specializations. With our headquarters in Malaysia and branch offices in the Philippines, Indonesia, and Thailand, we provide exceptional recruitment services to businesses across Southeast Asia. We set ourselves apart by delivering exceptional results for our clients through our commitment to going above and beyond to find the right talent for their business, ultimately helping them achieve a faster return on investment.

Our Vision

  • At our premier recruitment agency, we specialize in finding top talent for businesses with a focus on business improvement, industry knowledge, and integration of software technical competencies with core consulting services.

  • We pride ourselves on ultimately delivering exceptional results for our clients. With expertise across a wide range of industries, we provide unparalleled insight and knowledge to match your business needs and find the right talent for your organization.

Our approach

We maintain a vital understanding of your key customers and the necessities for every arrangement, ensuring a successful relationship.

By offering HR Consultancy and workforce management expertise, we facilitate rapid access to a productive pool of candidates. And in this ever-changing business environment, our flexible workforce solutions ensure your business agility.

Our presence